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Are you looking for Wedding Photographer in Bali ? Check our Pre Wedding and Wedding Photo packages

Do you need a professional photographer services in Bali ?  Yes we will do general photography needs for you such as underwater photography, pre wedding or wedding photography, photo documentation for your family vacation. Why you must doing a photo-session here in Bali ? Check our article regarding Bali here.

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Wedding Ceremony in Bali, Wedding Photo Bali at Tirta uluwatuWedding Ceremony in the most romantic place in the world

What about the place other than Bali ?  What about taking pictures of you in the beautiful Island of Raja Ampat ? It would be amazing and unique for your wedding day. Beautiful white sandy beaches, calm and clear water, no garbage on the beach, perfect photos are almost guaranteed if you do it in the right season. You can even make your dream come true by doing a photo session and a filming with someone you love for your pre-wedding or honeymoon in James Bond Island Thailand, or cityscape like Singapore, Macau, etc.

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Almost all of our jobs involve traveling, we have a lot of travel experiences throughout Indonesia from big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung to remote areas such as Raja Ampat, Komodo Island, Bunaken etc. In some jobs, we also travel outside Indonesia for photo sessions or aerial filming in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia etc. So if you have a plan to do a photo tour in the unique areas inside or outside Indonesia, beside as your photographers, we can also arrange all of your needs during the photo tour from taking care of your air tickets, transportation, accommodation, and local guides / representatives.

Let us create your memorable photo session for the special moment in your life!  Contact us for detail !