aerial photography and filming

Create aerial photo of your venue, or if you're a film maker you can add a aerial footage to your film

Foto udara / Aerial Photography by Helicam
Aerial Photography menggunakan wahana Helicam

Aerial Picture gives a fantastic view of your venue up from the air. If you are a manager of a resort, hotel, restaurant, golf course, real estate, building, public park, plantation etc., you will need an aerial picture of your facilities for your brochure or company profile to attract more customers. Taking pictures from the air usually done by renting an aircraft and hiring a photographer to get into it, of course this would be very costly. Now, we can produce the same quality aerial picture at a much lower cost by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) such as Remote Controlled Helicopter (we call it Helicam) or Multi Copter. We attach the camera with special mounting into the UAV and fly it using a remote control directed by our experienced pilot.

Multirotor yang membawa kamera untuk keperluan Aerial Fotografi dan VideoThis is a Multicopter carry a small camera to take photos and video from the air

If you're a filmmaker, a director, or a production house who wants to add some aerial footage to your movie, we have UAV that were designed specifically for taking film from the air. All of our Helicam and Multi Copter are fully optimized for filming in terms of very low vibration, pan and tilt abilities, and the cameraman can see the real-time video on the ground station monitor. All of our equipments are travel-friendly, we are used to do filming in remote areas for TV Commercial production. We have several shooting experiences such as filming moving objects (such as car, horse etc), aerial landscape, man in action etc.

Please keep in mind that this is Close Range Aerial Photography, how far it can fly depends on the situation and condition, in general as long as the pilot can see the aircraft clearly. Even with the limitation of flight distance, taking pictures or film of a huge building and its parking lot is more than sufficient. Please check our sister company at for more detailed information about Aerial Photography and Filming services.