About Us

Professional team of Photographer and Cinematographer in Jakarta and Bali who takes still and motion pictures on Land, Underwater and Aerial for total solution of your imaging needs

We started photography as a very pleasant hobby since our adolescence and just keep doing it up until today. From the time when cameras still used film rolls as a medium until today's digital era. For us, photography is not limited to a technique but must be accompanied by sense of art to produce a real picture. In the process of making of our pictures, we always combine proper techniques, equipments and sense of art.

Besides being a team of professional photographers, we still continue to develop our skills and knowledge of photography along with the most recent photo technology. We always use the most recent equipments from capturing the picture to post-processing for optimal results. As a proof of this, as we all know that the most recent camera now has a video feature with stunning quality which is almost the same with the cinema production. Yes, we also do cinematography today in order to maximally utilize our equipments.

Taking pictures only on land is absolutely not enough for us as enthusiastic photographers. In addition to general photography on land, we also have a specialty in doing underwater photography both in the swimming pool and in the deep blue sea with the depth up to 40 meter / 130 feet. To guarantee the picture quality, we use professional grade special housing designed for DSLR camera together with dedicated underwater lighting system. We are one of the first underwater photographers who introduced underwater pre-wedding photography with international standard safety protocols. All of our photographer team members are certified divers under supervision by a certified scuba diver instructor with underwater photography specialty credentials and thousands of logged dives as proof of experience.

How about taking pictures from the air?  Yes, we also can do it in the most economical way. Usually aerial photography is taken by using an aircraft with a photographer taking pictures while on it. Our way to take aerial photography and filming is by using a remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) such as a R/C Helicopter and Multicopter / Multirotor. We develop a UAV system that makes taking picture or film from the air possible and economical. For those who are interested in Aerial Photography or Aerial Filming please have a check to our sister company website at www.aerialindo.com(Managed by Anril.com)

By combining all of our skills and specialties, we are capable to produce both films and pictures which are taken on land, underwater and aerial as well. We could adjust the production costs based on your budget from amateur quality up to professional quality to fulfill your needs both in still photography and motion pictures.